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Items needed Sample of bark.


Items suggested: Necklace of passage , and ring of dueling.


It is essential to communicate with Hazelmere however, you will only be able to communicate with him through a sign language, as otherwise, you will not know his language. He will send you an answer after reviewing the Bark sample.


Return toward The Grand Tree and tell King Narnode the above message. He will ask you to translate three lines. You must choose the appropriate line from the options provided. If you're unable to identify the correct options, simply repeat selecting "None from the list above" until you find a right answer. First line will require you to select the third choice given. The man will explain how the person who made Hazelmere give away Daconia rocks with his seal. Additionally, you'll be informed that this was created as a "fail-safe" and could cause serious problems to the tree or destroy it. You will be asked to speak to his head tree guardian, known as Glough. You can travel south of the Grand Tree, where you'll see this Glough. Talk with him. He will assure you that will be able to solve the issue.


This is the location where Glough is located.




Items needed: Teleport out of Karamja and 1.000 coins If you've been unable to help Femi.


Talk to King Narnode Shareen again. He will tell you that Glough discovered a person who was carrying the Daconia rocks and detained the man. Visit the top level in the Grand Tree and speak with the prisoner.


The prisoner, named Charlie The prisoner, named Charlie, will inform the prisoner that he was only following Glough's directive and that you should look into the head tree guardian's house for evidence. He will also inform you that the Daconia rocks were handed to him from Hazelmere. When you arrive at the house of Glough, go through the cupboard and take the journal. Return to Glough to cheap OSRS gold present the evidence. The guard will be ordered to assault you and lock you in the cell with Charlie's following the conversation. Talk to Charlie and find out concerning the Ship Yard on Karamja. He will provide you with the access password.


Talking with Charlie.