Firefox released its 100th update, and some fanfare accompanied the release on Mozilla's blog about the web browser. Firefox 100 is available this week for both desktop and mobile versions.

Mozilla, Google, and Microsoft have been warning about the upcoming version 100 release for months, which is about to drop in March for both Chrome and Edge, followed by Firefox in May. Mozilla and Google have both been running experiments to test websites and report breakages. There’s a running list of issues, which is fairly small right now, and Engadget notes that the notable sites affected include HBO Go, Bethesda, and Yahoo.

Firefox 100 for Android and iOS is making some subtle but welcome changes to your browsing history. Your history is grouped into folders based on topics you were researching. Mozilla mentions a shopping session to find shoes as an example, with related sites within a timeframe collected in a "Shoes" folder. We've found this also works for "Android news," for example, so it looks like this is pretty versatile. It's now also possible to search through your history using keywords on mobile. Mozilla says that none of the data used to analyze the history is being sent back to the company, and that the feature is created with privacy in mind.

On the desktop, subtitles and captions are now supported in Firefox's picture-in-picture mode for videos. Three key websites officially support subtitles and captions in PIP: YouTube, Netflix, and Amazon Prime Video. Plus, the feature works on websites that support the WebVTT standard, like Twitter.

While there are concerns around some websites breaking, a lot of hard work has been going on behind the scenes — much like what happened to avoid major headaches with the Y2K bug 22 years ago — to make the transition to version 100 go smoothly. Developers can enable a special flag in current versions of Chrome, Edge, and Firefox to make the browsers report as version 100 and aid in testing sites.

Firefox 100 for Android is now rolling out on the Play Store. The desktop version has also received a plethora of features, including subtitles and captions for picture-in-picture videos, a new first-run language switcher, and an expansion of the credit card autofill feature to more countries. The iOS version will be released later this week.

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